When human intelligence becomes abundant

May 1, 2023

AI's potential to replace jobs raises legitimate and pressing concerns, but there's another side to the story.

Technology makes the scarce abundant, empowering people to achieve more with less. We've seen this with the internet (information), the industrial revolution (manufacturing), and agriculture (food).

AI will make human intelligence abundant. What are the positive implications?

The ultra wealthy offer a clue. Living in abundance, they enjoy exclusive access to scarce resources. Wealthy individuals benefit from abundant human intelligence in the form of labor: financial advisors, lawyers, trainers, tutors, personal assistants, and more, all providing personalized guidance and expertise.

AI can democratize access to these services, enabling anyone to have their own personal team. Services like personalized meal plans, custom learning programs, on-demand medical advice, tailored trip itineraries, and skilled therapy will be available to anyone with internet access at almost no cost. Motivation, not wealth, will be the key to using them to lead more productive and enriching lives.

This doesn't guarantee a utopian world. Scarcities and new problems will arise, but they won't be tied to a lack of skilled intelligent labor.

What are other ways to think about the positives of AI? Or, do you think this is too rosy of a picture? Feel free to let me know either way via Twitter.