My goal with this site is to share my ideas with you, get your feedback on them, and inspire you to share your ideas with me.

My main job is co-founder and general manager of GameSnacks at Google's new business incubator, Area 120. Before I was a product manager at Google on Chrome and Android.

I advise and angel invest in startups. I focus on consumer startups in categories like creator tools, gaming, new media platforms, and products in emerging markets (e.g. India, Southeast Asia, and Africa). But, great founders and teams matter more than markets and products in the early days. Once I invest, I love helping founders with management, conflict resolution, product strategy, user research, communications, and managing their psychology.

I spend most of my time in San Francisco. I love stories, films, music, and sensory experiences.

Get to know me better by reading stuff I've written.

Please reach out via Twitter if you think we’d have a good chat. I especially enjoy people who are curious, think for themselves, and optimistic.

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